• Compete with Analytics Our customized Smartphone app enables your small business clients to understand their customers better and increase ROI through the collection of passive data.

  • Capitalize On Social Network Customer engagement is now easy and measurable via our effective social media tool. Discover and retain more customers.

  • Privacy Respected Get access to the marketing platform that creates anonymous consumer profiles based on non-personally identifiable data.

  • The Engine Built To Make Any Mobile Data Better Our analytics platform turns big mobile data into consumer behavior insights.

  • Get Powered Make your mobile marketing message matter.
    Partner with the leader in passive consumer data profiling.


Zympi is a smart mobile marketing platform that provides media and other publishers with the ability to manage measure and track mobile content and advertising. Use of the Zympi platform provides the ability to collect consumer behavior analytics while maintaining consumer anonymity. We provide this data to our clients to enhance Learn More

We create custom apps for our clients that collect data anonymously and work across all major Smartphone devices. The distribution of these apps provides partner media companies and other publishers with the ability to empower merchants to deliver content, ads and coupons by proximity to store location, time of day, demographic and consumer behavior profile.

Our platform offers product that include digital loyalty/rewards and social media component to help merchants more deeply engage customers resulting in higher level of retention and increased average spend. Visit www.fanjee.com for more details.

Ultimately, our state of the art business intelligence tools provide our partners with a robust set of consumer behavior and lifestyle data to dramatically enhance marketing efforts.

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While Zympi can be used effectively by a variety of business verticals, our focus is on media companies (newspaper, radio & television), municipalities and chambers of commerce. Any company that provides service to local, regional or national businesses will benefit from Zympi's ability to add value for their small business clients and to add new and significant lines of digital revenue.

Zympi provides publishers with a proprietary solution that enables their small business (SMB) customers to increase revenue by using targeted mobile marketing that collects passive data while protecting customer identities.

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